About Kuk Sul Do

What is Kuk Sul Do®?

Kuk Sul Do® is a traditional Korean martial art, meaning “The Way of Korea’s National Martial Arts.”  Kuk Sul Do is the combination of historical techniques and forms developed in Korean history and perfected through generations.  Unlike most other martial art styles, Kuk Sul Do encompasses far more than just punching and kicking.  Kuk Sul Do teaches the full repertoire of Korea’s traditional martial arts, including punching, kicking, empty-hand and weapon forms, safe falling techniques, and a wide variety of self -defense techniques that include pressure point manipulation, joint locking, throwing, wrist escape, arrest and restraint, weapon defense, and much more.




What are the benefits of training in traditional martial arts?

Kuk Sul Do embodies a path.  Korean martial arts were designed for defense, and grew into something more – a way of life.  Created to defend against animals and attackers, the way of the traditional martial artist grew to become a life of fitness, discipline, strength, and protection.  Those who practice Kuk Sul Do walk the same path.  Training will not only teach you to protect yourself and others, but also set you on the path of lifelong fitness, mental discipline, and inner strength.





How do we teach?

               “The difference between a beginner and a master is this:  the master has failed more times than the beginner has tried.”

Martial arts cannot be successfully taught by video or learned from a book.  A student does not become a black belt through tuition fees or a contract with the instructor.  To learn martial arts, one must practice, persevere, and grow.  Our instructors are specially trained to help students along their journey at every level.  We are personally involved in the development of each of our students, and we desire to see all of our students succeed.   We invite you to stop by and see one of our classes in action and set up a free trial lesson.


Promoting strength, confidence, understanding, character development, and healthy living through the practice of traditional Korean martial arts.