Our History

 breaking a board in mid-air martial arts Kuk Sul Do

”Kuk Sul Do” is Korean for “the way of Korea’s National Martial Arts.”  This discipline finds its roots in techniques developed thousands of years ago.

Grandmaster Choon S. Yang is the highest ranking Kuk Sul Do Black Belt in the world.  In 1978 he was selected by the President of Korea to be part of a group of masters who traveled to demonstrate Kuk Sul Do in the United States.  When Grandmaster saw the high level of interest in the US for this ancient art, he established Yang’s Kuk Sul Do Federation, which is now headquartered in San Jose, California.  He trains and supervises Kuk Sul Do students across the United States, Korea, and around the world.


In the year 2000 this ancient martial art came to the Dayton area when Bu Kwan Jang Nym Steve Keary founded the Centerville Kuk Sul Do Academy.  This is one of the few schools in the USA personally endorsed by Grandmaster Yang.  Now over a decade later, students of all ages benefit from the instruction of Grandmaster and the high-ranking instructors he oversees at the Academy.